Diamantina Safari Tents - the world's most durable tents.

  • Tents that don't need guy ropes to withstand strong winds.
  • Tents that take under 10 minutes to set up.
  • Tents that wont start fading and ripping after the first or second use.
  • Tents that will keep you much cooler and more comfortable on hot summer nights.
  • Tents that only use the best quality materials and components.

You saw a bargain online for the biggest tent at the cheapest price, and realized when you put it to its first test, you made a mistake, and wasted your money.  Something broke on the first use, it was harder to set up than you thought, it faded within 3 months, it was stifling hot inside, or it was damaged in its first gust of wind.  This type of thing happens more often than you think.  We are here to tell you there is something better.

Diamantina Tents are canvas tent experts in Australia. With 30 years experience in tent design and portable shelter design in Australia, Diamantina Tents know the Australian tent market better than most, and have used, tried and tested almost every design imaginable.

Today we have refined our range down.  Simple tent stuctures that work.  Tents that are suitable for the harsh Australian climate - sun, wind, heat, salt air, ultra violet light, cold.

Tents that are easy to set up. Tents that don't require guy ropes. Tents that will keep you dry. Tents that will keep you cool. Tents that wont break or rip easily in windy conditions. Tents that are reliable.

Choosing the right tent according to the conditions and environment is critical and this is where we are experts. We don't have poor quality products built for one use before something breaks. We only provide products that work and are built for purpose, reliability, and the right price.

That's why Diamantina Tents are the preferred tents used by many commercial operators all over Australia and the globe. Extensive product tests and use of tents in various conditions by various users have conclusively proven time and time again that Diamantina Tents will outperform and outlast many other brands when put to the test. A better return on investment is easily calculated based on offering great value for quality performance. That's why Diamantina Tents have been the preferred suppliers to various outback tour operators and Australian Federal Government Departments for more than 10 years. You wont be disappointed when you chose quality.


Safari Camp For Hire - Pop up accommodation with style. Australia's number 1 provider for temporary camping accommodation. Whether you want 5 star, or a simple camp under a million stars, our Diamantina Safari Tents have got you covered.
Ideal for music festivals, corporate events, weddings, school camps, farm stays, or a unique overnight experience. We will design a camp site to suit your needs and make your next outdoor experience simple, hassle free, and outstanding.
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